Things You Should Know About Harbour Island in the Bahamas

If you’ve never been to the Harbour Islands in the Bahamas, you’re in for a treat. This northwest of Eleuthera Island features long pink sand beaches and several marinas. A few miles away are the marine life-filled reefs. And the town of Dunmore Town has charming pastel houses. No matter which way you go, there’s no shortage of attractions and fun. Here are a few things you should know about this unique destination:

Although Harbour Island is renowned for its laid-back atmosphere, nightlife is also very active. Early birds will enjoy a visit to Gusty’s Bar, while the late night crowd will flock to Daddy D’s for dancing into the early morning hours. And if you’re feeling extra daring, consider taking a horseback ride along the beach while you’re harbour island bahamas in town. But whatever you do, be prepared to spend a little more than you’re used to.

Harbour Island, also known as Briland, is an island in the Out Islands of the Bahamas that’s three miles long and half a mile wide. Residents call the island “Briland” because of its pastel-colored houses, vibrant green landscape, and pink-sand beaches. There’s a regular ferry service to Dunmore Town, where most visitors stay. And, for those who want to explore more, a taxi can be hired from the main town.

The beaches on Harbour Island are beautiful. The Atlantic side is lined with pink sands, and the West side features white sand coves and a boat dock. Its history is as colorful as its scenery, and there’s a good chance you’ll run into a local who has never been to the Bahamas before. You’ll definitely have a fun time exploring the many beaches on this gorgeous island.

When you’re planning your vacation to the Bahamas, you should keep in mind the currency exchange rates and the tipping customs. While the Bahamas uses the Bahamian dollar, you can use your US dollar interchangeably. But you should keep in mind that tips are generally a good way to show your appreciation for those who work for your holiday. Besides, tips are usually the norm in the Bahamas, so they are always a great idea.

Visitors to the Bahamas should know that the airport on Harbour Island is located on the neighboring island, North Eleuthera. If you’re flying from the US or Europe, you will most likely need to fly into Nassau and then take a connecting flight to North Eleuthera. Once you’re there, you can take a taxi to your hotel. A taxi ride to the island’s dock will cost you $5.

Once the capital of the Bahamas, Harbour Island is now a sleepy little island with just one town. Dunmore Town was the site of the island’s sugar plantations, and served as a hub of activity during the Prohibition Era. Its pastel-hued historic buildings and white picket fences serve as a constant reminder of its colorful history. And, with a population of around 2,000 people, it’s a perfect place to relax and get away from it all.

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