Some interesting details about the world of Japanese pornography.

The Japanese porn industry is worth more than $20 billion and that shouldn’t be surprise since Japan has twice the amount of films that are rated X as in the United States. One veteran actor from the porn industry estimates that this equates to more than 5,000 titles a year, which is equivalent to 14 pornographic films that are released each day in Japan. It is even more amazing is the fact that these films are paid for by a lot of people. Japan is actually second in the world in second place behind South Korea, when it comes down to how much they pay for adult entertainment. The Japan Adult Expo (JAE) was created by the country’s porn producer in order to express their gratitude to their fans.

JAE is an “Adult Video Fan Thanksgiving Festival” which เว็บหนังโป๊ญี่ปุ่น is where studios from XXXX across the country gather each year to show off their latest releases and let the public to get acquainted with their performers. I went to the JAE in November of 2017 and came across some interesting details about the world of Japanese pornography.

1. Some fans have a collection of Porn stars, similar to baseball cards.

After my arrival at the expo I ran into an Japanese fan who was holding a bizarre camera. I spoke with the man for a while, and was able to learn that the camera was a Fujifilm Instax camera that produces tiny instant photos, known as cheki. They are frequently employed by Japanese music and sports fans to take mini Polaroids of their favourite stars, which can then be signed and exchanged among them. Also, it seems that some people do the same thing with their top adult performers.The young fan I spoke to informed me that he came to the expo to grow his collection, which comprised hundreds of cheki of Japanese porn stars, a lot of which were signed by the artist. He said it was similar to collecting baseball cards, except the fact that you shouldn’t stick porn inside your bike’s spokes. It wasn’t just him who was pursuing his love of photography. Numerous fans were seen in through the expo with instant cameras. Anyone who didn’t own a camera could buy a cheki set from one of the numerous studio booths. They could also have it signed by bikini model. The cost was around 500 Y (less than $5) per set of three chekis.

2. Virtual Reality is the new trend in Japanese Porn.

At the JAE in the JAE, there were five different businesses offering VR porn experiences to those who were willing to wait for around 15 minutes. Although I wasn’t able test them all of them, it was fine since every one of the VR porn experiences offered were the same: once you had put the headset on, you were able to see “yourself” from neck to head with the assistance of three or four women. It’s likely that you already know what the problem is with that.

If, as with the male body model featured in the video that was recorded, you also have a tiny frame and have hairless, you’re probably not going to get too swept up by the footage. While this was a good factor for the JAE but it doesn’t suggest a positive outlook for Japan’s expanding VR porn market. Some companies have attempted to make VR more intimate and less sexually explicit, by making their VR actresses simulate kisses and whispering encouraging words or statements of love into their virtual ears of the. However, one of the representatives I spoke to said his company doesn’t think there’s any future use for VR and believes that the fad will probably end in a year or two.

3. Japan does not have any professional male porn stars.

There are few things more rare in the world than the Japanese male porn actor. According to certain sources, there are 30 to 70 males who work full-time for the Japanese industry XXX. It’s true that those numbers aren’t missing one or two zeros. It’s also not the Y=1,000 film that male actors could expect to earn after entering the porn industry in Japan, which could be the reason for why there’s a shortage of them.

This was evident at the JAE in the JAE, which featured nearly none male performers at the expo. But all that changed when Taka “Goldfinger” Goldfinger, the male porn star was the first to make his appearance. He was immediately surrounded by hundreds excited fans. Their excitement was understandable, considering that, in the world of Japanese porn the male performers are more rare than an albino Bigfoot.4. Geeks can be quite lucrative. Porn Market

Some of the busiest exhibits on display at JAE included Saikyo Zokusei and GIGA. Both companies specialize in (and generate huge amount of money from) “geek” porn with models dressed as princesses, superheroines, fantasy warriors, and so on.

The people at GIGA said that their average user can spend around $100 per month on their porn DVDs and other items that puts them over Japan’s average per capita porn consumption of $157 per year. The most well-loved films of GIGA include several Sailor Moon-esque magical girls productions. However, they’re hopeful that their next collection of superhero-themed movies will be a huge success.

But, the Saikyo Zokusei fantasy-themed models are very different. The company’s “gimmick”, as they refer to it is that all performers are geeks. The girls indeed take on the role. They will answer any questions that you might have about comic books, anime and video games. Some fans may be more connected to the model, and hence enjoy the porn starring them more.

5. People will gladly pay money for a More Closer to their Favorite Porn Star

Each booth at JAE featured DVDs, images T-shirts, DVDs, and so on for sale. Some companies did more than that. Lammtarra featured the most unique “services” on their stand.

The models of the company were available to interact with clients with fun and engaging ways for 11,000 Y. They could blow into the clients’ ears or kiss them on the heads, or even put them in headlocks. One guest was thrilled by the headlock services. It’s an amazing experience for his fellow guests to be able to get this intimate and in-depth with a professional they’ve been awed by for years.

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