Non-combusted cigarettes, also known as heat-not-burn products, and e-cigarettes and conventional cigarettes vary in what ways?

These names include non-combustible cigarette products, heated tobacco products, and heat-not-burn products. It’s common for these products to be heated to create an aerosol that the user inhales.IQOS ILUMA Prime上手實測來了!感受加熱不燃燒製品的新次元! - 壹讀

There is a differentiation between combustible and non-combustible cigarettes, as well as electronic cigarettes.

Tobacco leaves are the primary component of a cigarette, which is then wrapped in a thin layer of cigarette paper. Additives such as filters and chemicals may also be included. After lighting the cigarette’s tip to burn the tobacco, the smoker inhales the resulting smoke via the unlit end of the cigarette.

Tobacco and a heating source are the two components of an uncombusted cigarette. Tobacco may be wrapped in paper, transforming it into a cigarette. As opposed to a combusted cigarette, an aerosol is created when the tobacco is heated to a lower temperature.

How do non-combusted cigarettes work?

Non-combusted cigarettes may now be sold in the United States in two kinds. A carbon tip wrapped in glass fibres has been on the market in the United States since the 1990s, among a variety of other product kinds. Because of this high temperature and lack of ash formation or shrinkage, the product does not lose its original size when ignited by means of a carbon tip.

Tobacco sticks wrapped in paper and heated by an electronic heating device are another kind of non-combusted cigarette that was recently authorised by the FDA in April 2019. It is inserted into an electronic heating device, which pierces it with a glass-coated ceramic blade that heats the tobacco, resulting in an aerosolized mist of tobacco.

No, I don’t know of any other kind of hot tobacco.

On the market exist a variety of things referred to be heated tobacco products and heat-not-burn products, and they don’t appear to fit cleanly into any of the generally recognised product categories. A broad range of functions may be achieved by products that are now widely accessible on global markets. Other qualities are that they may be heated to a range of temperatures, include either dry or wet tobacco components, and can be made in a variety of shapes; among other things.


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