Is News Blogging Good or Bad?

Some bloggers choose to write about new stories as soon as they happen. This is usually left up to news channels and newspapers, but with modern technology and the speed of the internet, bloggers are now telling news.

News blogs aren’t a very common type of blog, but they are definitely exciting blogs and sometimes even controversial. Bloggers can post updates instantaneously without having to conduct interviews and have an editor read the posts. Newspapers report yesterday’s news and news channels only report during their scheduled times, so blogs have an advantage Many people are very accepting of this new and exciting news source.

How do bloggers know about news stories when they happen? With cell phones having cameras people can now take pictures and videos when they are at the scene of a crime or during some kind of newsworthy event. People can send these photos to others and they can quickly end up on the internet where blogs see them and starting making posts before the media even gets a chance to report Many people like this new blog reporting, because they feel like they are getting their news in a more personal way without the media editing it at all.

On the other hand, some people still prefer newspapers and television news. Blogs don’t need to be checked and edited so they can post news faster, however this also leads to more opportunity for mistakes. Bloggers aren’t trained journalists and they don’t have fact checkers. The quick spreading of news on blogs sometimes leads to a large spread of false information.

In this global, fast paced environment, situations can change as rapidly as blinking an eye. For this reason, news blogs are becoming increasingly popular tools for succinctly and concisely cutting to the chase and presenting the news in a way that makes the most sense for the most people. Not only do news blogs keep people up to date instantly about what is happening in the world around them, but combined with the news blogger’s personal take on the information being presented, these blogs provide an essential service with regards to the presentation of the news. If you are interested in the news, have a penchant for writing and have something that needs to be said, creating your own news blog can be incredibly rewarding. However, there are some tips you should follow in order to be able to achieve successful blogging status, otherwise, it is quite possible your newly created blog could find itself lonely and gathering dust in a remote corner of cyberspace.

When creating a news blog, you primarily want to focus on gathering informative, trustworthy sources that will be the backbone of your information. Without dependable sources, the chances of successful blogging become smaller and smaller. This is why it is vitally important that you choose sources that are not only unique, but ones that will present the most current and up to the minute information that is available for the news genre you plan on writing about. It is highly recommended that when you find your sources, you set up to receive their RSS feeds so you never miss an opportunity to update your blog. By keeping your blog updated and fresh, you can increase your online reputation as the premier source for news and information in your genre. By becoming a reputable blogger, you can actually make a profit off your website by publishing content that is not only high in quality, but also in quantity, by doing this, you will increase the attraction of both link-backs and referrals, which is how you will make your money.

This leads us to how you will actually find the sources you need to do successful blogging and produce a high quality news blog that will bring people to your website. The best place to look for sources is to subscribe to other blogs that write similar content to your own. This is especially true if you are looking for notable sources that produce valuable content that is not only interesting, but timely and attention getting as well. You can find these blogs with keywords in a search engine, blog rolls and directories, and recommendations from family and friends. You can also find sources at social news websites like Digg, Reddit and Mixx — all of which will allow you to put your finger on the pulse of what is hot and what’s not; by subscribing to keyword watch-lists; using meme trackers and news aggregates — both of which will provide organized blog posts that relate to any given news story; and by using online sources such as newspapers, journals, magazines, press releases and media contacts to name a few. If you still want more, there is always insider information — though this will require you to get to know someone at an organization on a personal level; and finally, by utilizing your readers to provide tips that you can then follow up on and write about. By using these ideas to increase your sources, you will be able to consistently produce web content that is full of information and provides a valuable service to your readers

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