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Casinos have slot machines that are among the highest-paying machines. In the latter part of the 90’s, the slot machine builder, IGT introduced an innovative machine called Visions. They were simply already everyday regular casino machines, with an additional feature, a bonus. The majority of them came out with a display that was placed at the top inside the machines. 90 percent of these could be beatable machines. Yes, beatable. You can make money on slot machines! How you ask? It was secret that was actually a fairly simple idea.

The traditional slot machine uses the random generator, which is activated and decides on the game when the first deposit is made. This is the basis for what you land in judi slot  the pay lines and also what your machine’s final percentages will be. The more you bet in the amount you pay for a slot, the better the percentage that it will determined to be. So how do you make money?

On the Vision machine made by IGT the difference is. The pay line are significantly less than those on a conventional machine. This is due to the fact that a portion of the percentage is added to the bonus in the Visions. The bonus present on the video screen can be a variety of different bonuses. Have you ever seen a photograph of a cartoonish looking cherry pie in a screen on top of a slot machine with cherries? or a photograph of a diamond mine that has a cartoon-like screen that flashes by as you play. These are two of numerous IGT Visions that we are talking about.

There are hundreds of different styles of beatable IGT Visions. The Cherry Pie and Diamond Mine are two of the most well-known machines on the market today. In this case, we’ll go into the details on Diamond Mine. Diamond Mine. Diamond Mine Diamond Mine (like nearly all IGT Visions) has a video screen that is located at the top. There will be three columns which can hold more than 10 Diamonds. The standard version is the Double Diamond machine. On the reels , everything is the same except the added diamond. It’s not it’s Double Diamond emblems that represent two numbers on the pay line However, they are actual images of the diamond. The diamond doesn’t count for anything on the pay line. It simply adds 1, 2 three diamonds (depending whether you wager 1 3, 2, or 3) into the columns above that on your video display when you hit the diamond on the next reel.

If you find 10 diamonds in a column, you receive 10 credits. There are simply 2 things you need to know about a Diamond Mine.

1) What number of Diamonds are it required to contain? (How many Diamonds are needed to be present on the machine before you can spin it with optimistic expectation)2) The number of dollars do you need to wager on each spin. (This is dependent on the pattern of Diamonds divided in the 3 columns).

It is believed that the Diamond Mine is among the least volatile beatable slots (bonus is extremely fast) among the Visions and that is why it is among the most played among “Hustlers” with having a small amount of money. We’ll provide a hyperlink below to a website that contains the full information.

One last note:

If you’ve ever played a large amount of slot machines, I bet this could have happened to you. You observed that every time you played specific machines, there was someone on your shoulders watching you play. If it was an IGT Vision there is a very good chance it was! They are the ones who knew about this long ago and the same people who caused a lot of to be ejected from casinos. They would share the news with their friends. it , and when a lot of people became aware of it. They would literally almost break out during a brawl when machines were left with the words “Full Bonus”.

These days are over and that’s beneficial for those seeking to simply have fun and not gamble all their money into the casino. The reason that they’re gone is because there are FAR less beatable slots at casinos today so there are far less people doing it today.


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