Fair Trade Jewellery – The New Cool

Can fair trade be cool? Until recently, you definitely wouldn’t have found ‘fair’ and ‘cool’ in the same sentence, let alone embodied in jewellery that you actually want to wear!Wedding Bridal Gold Jewellery Set with Price | Buy Bridal Diamond Jewellery  Set Online

Buying ethical jewellery used to be about buying a necklace because you felt guilt or pity and then promptly putting it at the back of a drawer where it languished not so happily ever after.

Well, those days are over. It’s out with the old and in with the new buy gold in dubai. So how has this happened?

What we’re seeing now is a new generation of jewellery designers involved with fair trade jewellery. And that means that ethical jewellery has become more and more in tune with fashion trends, giving fair trade jewellery a real sense of style.

Thanks to the new ethos that says that style and a good conscience can exist together, customers are buying ethical jewellery because it’s desirable, and not just because it’s associated with a good cause like beating poverty. No longer is wearing ethically-sourced jewellery about feeling worthy but looking earthy!

Fans of fashion jewellery have long realised that the simplest thing like buying a product has consequences far beyond making you feel good or giving you something new to talk about. It doesn’t matter whether that product is a humble banana, a bar of chocolate or a new ring, bracelet or necklace.

I’m sure most women out there would agree – women can be completely FASCINATED by jewellery almost borderline obsessed by it in fact! Whether it be a silver necklace, a pair of gold earrings or a diamond ring, jewellery can have the same affect on a woman that a sweet shop has on a child. The evidence is always crystal clear on a high street on a busy day – just check out a jewellery store and you can guarantee to see a woman looking at the jewellery on display with a far away and dreamy look in their eyes.

Diamonds were Marilyn Monroes best friend. The character Willie in Raiders of the Lost Ark couldn’t care less about the bullets flying around her, once she clocked the diamond that fell to the floor she quite happily got on her hands and knees amongst all the mayhem with only one thought in her mind – to grab the diamond and claim it as her own. The film Casino is another perfect example on the effect jewellery can have on a woman, Sharon Stones character Ginger was a tough, smart, independent and strong willed woman, but on being presented with a (very) big box filled with jewellery she was almost zombified into a mass jewellery fuelled awe!

Why is this I wonder? It is because of society? Maybe women have become sub-consciously programmed to place emphasis on and desire all things that glitter and sparkle? It is due to  Mothers letting her Daughters wear the most special pieces of jewellery on special occasions thus instilling a sense of reverence with regards to jewellery?  Perhaps men are to blame?! Men will often buy a loved one a piece of jewellery to show their affection, the ultimate gift being a diamond which has become symbolic to lasting love and unity. Or, dare I ask, do women wear jewellery not just to feel more confident but to actually appear more attractive to men?

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