Electronic Nails and Dab Rigs Make the Perfect Couple.

Dab rigs and e-nails are two of the most popular smoking accessories available these days. The combination of these two tools produces an experience that is unrivalled in both efficacy and enjoyment.

There are a number of reasons why e-nails and dab rigs work so well together and what you should look for in an electronic nail when acquiring one.

What’s a Dab Rig, exactly?

Let’s start with the most dab rig crucial aspect: “Dab rig” is certainly a term you’ve heard before. To avoid getting ahead of ourselves, let us first go through the basics.

In order to legally inhale honey, concentrates, wax, and oils, a dab rig is a unique type of water pipe. It has a dab nail affixed to it instead of a traditional bowl. You’ll need to warm up the concentrate on the dab nail in order to vaporise it with a e rig.

If a digital fingernail is anything, what is it?

The term “e-nail” refers to a type of concentrate vaporisation equipment that uses a heating element to keep the temperature consistent. There are a variety of shapes and sizes available, but the most common is a little box with a lid that is worn over the nail. An electric current warms up a metal coil inside the gadget, and the device’s controls allow users to fine-tune their concentrate’s temperature.

What is it about utilising an E-Nail with a Dab Rig that makes it so enjoyable?

However, you can’t really control how the heat is disbursed when you use an open flame torch to heat your dab setup to high temperatures. Working on an oil rig requires that the temperature remain steady. As a result, the oil or concentrate you’re applying will pool at the base of your nail if the temperature of your device is too low. You’ll get a nasty rip that tastes and smells like hot, melted plastic if your device gets too hot.

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