21 December 2012: The Day the Earth Dies


The world – as far as we might be concerned – will be annihilated on 21 December 2012.


Observe that I am not saying perhaps or it is said or any such thing, I am saying it straight and exceptionally clear: The world WILL be annihilated on 21 December 2012.


Doesn’t that demonstrate that I am a profit…er, I mean prophet, directly from the gateway of er…straight from…wherever prophets come from?


Haha…no, it doesn’t. I’m NOT a prophet. I’m a trick scholar and I call myself Conspiracy Man.


I became Conspiracy Man when the Big Booming Voice out of nowhere showed up in my mind one day and…ere…ok, that is something else altogether. This article isn’t about that, however about the thing will occur on 21 December 2012.


Allow me to give you the genuine realities and not the standard hypothesis you read on this large number of different sites.


I, Conspiracy Man (clearly reverberation), is the one in particular who knows reality.


Individuals feel that only one thing will occur on 21 December 2012 that will annihilate the world as far as we might be concerned. That is just false. There is essentially no single occasion that can obliterate our reality. No, siblings, you need to get up promptly toward the How to join illuminati beginning of the day to annihilate the entire world. Out earth is one extreme treat.


Be that as it may…


On 1 December 2012 such a ton of calamities are going to struck earth all while, we get no opportunity of endurance. No, opportunity by any means. Whenever that multitude of fiascos strike simultaneously, specifically 10:00 on 21 December 2012, the earth will break like an egg.


Alright, a few of us will make due, in light of the fact that a few of us – in particular me, Conspiracy Man (clearly reverberation),- is building a titanium underground concealing spot, where I will pass on the upheaval while drinking Coke and playing Need For Speed on my Xbox 360. (What’s more, coincidentally, watching and giggling at individuals who are chuckling and laughing at articles like this, through my video-divider, incorporated into my titanium underground concealing spot.)


Others will make due, on the grounds that they will be protected in goliath arks – being underlying the Himalayas by the Chinese even as you read this – when everything went south. For you who currently need to hurry to get their names on the rundown, hang on; you will have to pay one billion euros front and center before your name will be recorded. (Incidentally, this was not taken from the plot of the film 2012. 2012 was made to depict the genuine structure of the goliath arks in the Himalayas, so any connivance scholar who expounds on it, will be known as an imbecile, since individuals will say it comes from the plot of a film. Could you at any point perceive how shrewd the Illuminati is?)


After these debacles around 8% of the total populace will be left alive. We should reconstruct the world from not as much as scratch.


Not a pretty picture…not a beautiful picture by any means…


I have done a ton of contemplating and gathering of data about the 2012 disaster:


I laid my tacky fingers on profoundly grouped, secret photographs that the powers administering this world don’t believe you should see.


For what reason is 2012 going to occur?


Who anticipated 2012 the initial time and how could they realize that it generally will be valid?


What precisely will occur on 21 December 2012? It is more than one fiasco, however what precisely are those debacles?


Is there anything you can do to safeguard yourself and your friends and family on that loyal day?


How is the ongoing downturn associated with 21 December 2012?


How is the ongoing emergency in the Middle East and in other Arabic talking countries associated with 21 December 2012?


For what reason is Muamar Gadhafi a vital figure in the 21 December 2012 upheaval? Simply consider it briefly, he has forever been residing in a tent, regardless of where he went. I have figured out why.


Watch this space as the clock continues to tick…

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